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Las mejores guías y consejos sobre salud, nutrición, cuidado del bebé, lactancia, pérdida de peso, tratamientos naturales, ejercicio y tonificación.

¿Qué es Onlooker Play?

Your child is standing on the sidelines, watching the other kids play. Seems like they’re just looking on, right? Wrong. Onlooker play is an important developmental stage. It’s not just child’s play — it’s serious business. Sociologist Mildred Parten divided play into...

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Qué saber sobre los amigos imaginarios

Having an imaginary friend, sometimes called an imaginary companion, is considered a normal and even healthy part of childhood play. Research on imaginary friends has been ongoing for decades, with doctors and parents alike wondering whether it’s healthy or “normal.”...

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Comprensión del cáncer de mama metastásico en el colon

What is metastatic breast cancer? When breast cancer spreads, or metastasizes, to other parts of the body, it normally moves to one or more of the following areas: bones lungs liver brain Only rarely does it spread to the colon. Slightly more than 12 out of every 100...

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¿Qué causa los ojos secos y la visión borrosa?

Dry eye and blurry vision are two uncomfortable symptoms that can sometimes go hand in hand. Chronic dry eye itself is a common eye condition that affects over 5 million Americans every year. When you have dry eye, blurry vision can just be a symptom of that...

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Dispositivos de asistencia para la artritis psoriásica

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a chronic autoimmune condition that can cause stiff, swollen joints as well as skin rashes related to psoriasis. It’s a lifelong disease with no known cure. Some people diagnosed with PsA may only experience relatively mild symptoms, like...

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What Is the Best Room Temperature for Baby?

Keeping your home safe is no doubt a priority — especially if you have a baby. This is why you take the time to babyproof with stair gates, cover electrical outlets, and make a concerted effort to keep chemicals out of their reach. Children don’t understand danger, so...

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